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6 Best Electric Cars Made in Chinese Competitors of European and American Electric Cars


Over the past year, China’s electric vehicles doubled sales, reaching 600,000 vehicles. This is more than combined in Europe and the United States. Moreover, the champion is a local brand.

The all-electric car market in China is diverse. There are more than 60 models to choose from, a dozen of them sold at the end of 2016 in more than 10,000 units. And in the United States, for example, such figures can boast only 5 electric vehicle models: the Nissan LEAF, the Chevrolet Volt, the Ford Fusion Energy, the Tesla S Model and the Tesla X Model.

And this is an electric car made in China that should be considered a competitor by European and American electric car manufacturers.

XPeng Beta

XPeng Beta
XPeng Beta

Chinese company Xiaopeng Motors has presented the concept of a new electric vehicle to the public. True, so far it can only be seen in electronic form. This concept car has never been involved in car design before, and their professional activity is software development.

The company created an electric car model called XPeng Beta. Because developers do not have their own production, now they are actively looking for partners to make a copy first, and then make car production on stream.

Acceleration speeds of up to one hundred kilometers per hour vary, depending on the drive, from 5.8 to 7.9 seconds. According to estimates, to make a self-sufficiency project, it is necessary to sell at least twenty thousand electrical crossovers per year.

Many technical innovations will be used to control the engine. For example, a car will be able to park itself or even come to your house from a parking lot, all of these actions can be controlled using a mobile application.

Another good addition to security is the driver’s identity camera to help avoid theft. For those who like to take pictures and record videos, there is an HD camera on the roof so you can capture beautiful scenes while driving.



Chinese car maker, GAC Motors, launches GE3 electric crossover. The stated power reserve at a single charge is around 300 kilometers, the minimum price is $ 22,000, which is about 1,292,000 rubles at the time of this writing. This, of course, excludes import duty, import and dealer markup.

The electric car was first launched to the public at the Detroit auto show this year. The GE3 characteristics of GAC Motors are as follows:

  • power backup with a single charge – 300-310 kilometers;
  • there is a fast charging mode “up to 80% in 30 minutes”;
  • maximum power – 160 horsepower;
  • torque – 290 N • m;
  • per 100 kilometers GE3 consumes 16 kWh.

Geely Emgrand GSe

Geely Emgrand GSe
Geely Emgrand GSe

China is increasingly entering the electric car race. The famous Geely brand also succumbed to fashion trends. In early June, the automaker released the Geely Emgrand GSe electric crossover from the assembly line. This is the “battery” version that has been loved by many GS petrol crossovers.

The electric car is driven by a 160 horsepower motor, which is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a total weight of 380 kilograms. With such technical characteristics, the crossover is capable of driving 350 kilometers on a single charge, and if you drive at a constant speed not exceeding 60 km / h, then all 460 km.

You can recharge up to 80% in just 40 minutes from fast charging. The electrical crossover will be charged for 9 hours from a regular household network.

From the additional options offered by Geely Emgrand GSe:

  • voice control,
  • wireless charging for gadgets,
  • air freshener system,
  • panoramic sunroof,
  • LED headlamps.

Chery Tiggo 3x SUV

Chery Tiggo 3x SUV
Chery Tiggo 3x SUV

Chinese car maker has announced the release of Chery Tiggo 3xe electric crossover. True, the result is not a fundamental new concept, but an electric version of the Chery Tiggo 3x SUV, better known in the Russian market as Tiggo 2. This is the company’s first “serious” electric car. So far, we have only seen miniature city hatchbacks with small power reserves.

This new model promises to travel up to 500 kilometers on a single charge, depending on modification. The car will be sold in two versions: 3xe 400 and 3xe 480 – under the hood are both 122 “horses”.

The Tiggo base is equipped with a 49-kilowatt-hour battery and will cover 350 kilometers of the NEDC cycle without problems.

A stronger variation has a 54.3 kWh battery and a single charge will cover 400 kilometers, and if you continue to drive at the same speed of 60 km / h, you can drive 500 km.

The developers haven’t touched much on the external design, reworking the Chery Tiggo petrol: all are the same height at 1,570 mm. They even left pieces for the exhaust pipe on the rear bumper.

The essence of electricity is given by the blue stripes on the front end and the wheels, the plug that appears in the radiator holder with the hatch in the middle, where the charging connector is hidden, and the battery pack hangs under the “belly”.

In the cabin, we also saw a blue decoration, and instead of an ordinary tachometer, an energy exchange indicator and transmission selector washer appeared.

Denza 500

Denza 500
Denza 500

The attention of the German car Daimler AG, together with the developer of the Chinese company BYD, presented its electric concept – Denza 500. This electric car is capable of traveling up to 500 kilometers on a single charge.

Developers take the first generation of the famous Mercedes-Benz class B as a base, so from the outside we will not see anything fundamentally new:

  • height – 1 642 mm,
  • its length – 4 672 mm,
  • width – 1 850 mm,
  • and a total wheelbase of 2,880 millimeters.

This model is offered in two versions: “Simpler” with 117 “horse” electric motors
and stronger – by 184 horsepower. Depending on the configuration, electric vehicles can also be equipped with:

  • multimedia system with a 9 inch touch screen,
  • two zone climate control,
  • LED lights,
  • leather interior
  • heated front seat.

In China, the price tag for the Denza 500 starts at 298.8 thousand yuan, which in rubles is equivalent to almost 3 million.

It seems that Daimler is very concerned about the environmental situation and his future in the “green” world. We don’t see the first electric concept released by Germany, and recently, some of the biggest German carmakers – Volkswagen, BMW Group and, of course, Daimler AG, together with American Ford, have worked together to roll out a 350 electric power station network -kilowatt their Ionity. By 2020, the consortium intends to open 400 such stations worldwide.



The Chinese company NIO, better known as Next EV, has launched the production of the ES8 concept, which, in terms of characteristics, can be a direct competitor to the safest electric vehicle in the world – the Tesla Model X Crossover.

What’s more, the Chinese analog of the famous electric car turns out to be half the price. The model was presented at the Beijing Auto Show. Actually, we saw an electric car design back in April 2017. Now the characteristics and price tags of Chinese electric cars have become known.

NIO ES8 is equipped with a 70 kilowatt-hour battery. With such a large battery with a single charge, the crossover will be able to cover distances of up to 355 kilometers. In comparison, the Tesla Model X is equipped with a 75 or 100 kilowatt battery, depending on configuration, and its range from 354 to 411 kilometers. Tesla-NIO – 1: 0.

  • The Chinese crossover has two electric motors that can squeeze 653 horsepower. The Model X has 772 horsepower. 2: 0.
  • Accelerates to the first hundred in 4.4 seconds. The Model X accelerates in less than three seconds with a 100kW battery. However, American budget crossover equipment turns out to be slower than Chinese NIO – acceleration requires 4.9 seconds. Okay, 3: 1.

However, the most significant advantage of Chinese crossovers over America is price. In China, the cost of ES8 is 68 thousand dollars (or 448 thousand yuan), but it is possible to buy a cheaper NIO – the local government provides subsidies to China with the purchase of an electric car in the country (the price drops to 57 thousand dollars, or 375.4 thousand yuan ). Such subsidies do not apply to Model X in China, which makes American crossovers twice as expensive as its “celestial” competitors.

And you can buy ES8 cheaper. There is no battery. Such a car would cost the owner only 42 thousand dollars (or 245.4 thousand yuan). And the battery can be rented for $ 200 a month.

Then even charging an electric car for hours won’t be needed at all – dead batteries can be quickly, and most importantly, replaced with free ones. By 2020, according to the company, more than a thousand battery rental and replacement stations will be opened in China.



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