Best Genesis Essentia Electric Coupe Concept Car 2021

Genesis Essentia electric

At last year’s New York Auto Show, the concept design for this model was presented. Right, then nobody announced any special plans. Today, circumstances are such that the president of the Genesis line, Manfred Fitzgerald, says that it won’t be long before serial electric cars hit the market. Even one year has already been mentioned. This must happen by 2021.

Genesis Essentia Electric Concept
Genesis Essentia Electric Concept

Genesis Essentia is a Gran Turismo with a carbon body, luxurious interior with natural materials, all-electric drive, autopilot, and advanced voice recognition technology. The characteristics were never disclosed: it was only reported that the coupe received several electric motors and a battery mounted in the center tunnel.

Genesis Essentia electric Interior
Genesis Essentia electric Interior

Perhaps, Korea will not be fully unmanned by 2021-2022, but they will retain electric propulsion – the same Fitzgerald announced his intention to release a car with dangerous zero emissions more than two years ago. It is assumed that the Essentia series will be built on a new platform specially designed for electric cars.

Genesis Essentia features laser headlamps, butterfly wing doors, large front display, fingerprint sensor and facial recognition system, virtual assistant. As Fitzgerald said, almost everything in the car is technically possible.

Genesis Essentia electric coupe
Genesis Essentia electric coupe

However, according to Hyundai chief designer Peter Schreier, the doors will be replaced with the usual ones. The production of Genesis Essentia is expected to arrive no earlier than 2021. Yes, its circulation will be very limited, meaning that electric cars will become the exclusive means of transportation which will also be very expensive.

At present, the Genesis Essentia is just a concept car, but experts note that from a technical point of view, it is quite possible to start the production of a serial model. According to the Genesis plan, the car could hit the market in 2021 or 2022.

The Essentia electric car was built on a newly developed platform made specifically for electric vehicles. The launch of such a platform is part of the company’s electrification plans.


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