Complete Specifications Of The 2021 Toyota Venza Eccentric Crossover

2021 Toyota Venza

Toyota has taken one of the simplest ways to bring the Toyota Venza name back to the international market: In fact, the new crossover is a variation of the recently launched Harrier, which is intended to be sold only in Japan.

And Toyot Venza, who has stopped flirting with body types, sooner or later will have to take a position as a global model. So far, the crossover has been announced only for the US market, where it will be positioned as some sort of transitional link between the RAV4 and the Highlander, but there is no doubt that Toyota will maintain this disposition for other countries.

Toyota Venza is built on the TNGA-K platform, which has the most advanced hybrid configuration: aspirated 2.5 liter; three electric motors (in front of the motor is assisted by a generator motor and main traction electric motor, and in the rear axle there is an electric motor itself). The total output of the hybrid is 222 horses. Average fuel consumption – 5.88 liters per 100 kilometers according to the American EPA cycle.

The hybrid system switches between Normal, Eco, Sport modes, with an emphasis on reducing fuel consumption or improving acceleration dynamics. Also, the EV button activates movement at one electric traction, but only at low speeds and short distances, as the car is not a plug-in hybrid, and the battery grip is relatively small here.

Another advantage of the Toyota Venza is the Electronic On Demand AWD system, with traction assistance redistributed between the axles from 100: 0 to 20:80 (forward / reverse). The distribution of the current thrust is displayed on the instrument panel and in the center display. The crossover does not have a propeller shaft, therefore, the reverse push is caused exclusively by the operation of a separate electric motor.


2021 Toyota Venza Exterior
2021 Toyota Venza Exterior

Compared to other Toyota, the redesigned Venza looks sportier, and doesn’t look like the station wagon it used to be. The exterior design of this car is characterized by smooth and gentle curved lines, and even against the general background of other cars the crossover stands out:

the side walls of the hood are rounded along the front edge, a complex configuration of the halogen lamp unit;
a large radiator grille, concave at the top, decorated with chrome. The lower body kit includes a ventilation duct mesh decorated with silver semi-perimeter and a compact air diffuser for the front brake cooling circuit equipped with fog lamps.

On the side projection, the Toyota Venza 2020 features a combination of classic sedan and crossover configurations. Attention is paid to the large front end, the slight slope of the roof, and the vertical edge of the stern. In one ensemble, the chrome frame and black pillars of the three-piece windows look great, the modern mirrors are complemented by turn signal lights, large format doors and the multi-spoke design of the branded light alloy wheels.

A small amount of decorative and functional relief is present in the jamb area and on the contours of the wheel arches. The back of the case is designed in a distinctive crossover style. Available – spoiler with stop light, combination tilt window and vertical stripe from embossed rear door.

In the new generation, the Venza is recognized by its complex configuration of the taillights, striped bumper profile and metal-plastic body kit layout. Includes a set of fog lamps and a pair of large caliber exhaust pipes on either side. Compared to its predecessor, the Venza SUV is 60 mm shorter, while the wheelbase is reduced by 85 mm.


2021 Toyota Venza Interior
2021 Toyota Venza Interior

Inside the new Toyota Venza, you can see Toyota’s newest multimedia system; The basic 8.0-inch screen comes standard on the LE and XLE and features hard buttons on the side, while the larger 12.3-inch screen has buttons for controlling the audio system and climate. However, both versions of the infotainment system offer complete features and connectivity, such as Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Amazon Alexa.

Other new additions include Star Gaze, Toyota’s first electrochromic glass roof available as an option for $ 1,400. The limited edition version features an optional 10-inch color Head-Up display and digital rearview mirrors with HomeLink.

In addition, the Toyota Venza 2021 comes with the Toyota Safety Sense as standard, with a wide range of active safety systems including collision avoidance with pedestrian and bicycle detection, dynamic radar cruise control with full speed range, lane departure warning. steering assistance, auto high beam, track tracking and road sign scanning.


2021 Toyota Venza Engine
2021 Toyota Venza Engine

The new mid-size crossover is essentially an updated version of the Toyota Harrier and will only be offered with a hybrid powertrain. This car combines a 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with three electric motors and a newly developed lithium-ion battery pack with a total power of 222 hp.

Toyota expects the new Venza 2021 to have an average fuel consumption of 6 liters per 100 kilometers, with a hybrid system that optimizes the level of assistance of the electric motor and the rpm of the engine that doesn’t spin at high revs. According to the company, engine speed is synchronized with vehicle speed to provide “light and quiet acceleration.”

All Toyota Venza models come with a plug-in four-wheel drive system that uses a rear electric motor to drive the rear wheels when needed. The system can change the torque distribution between the axles from 100: 0 when driving at constant speed to 20:80 on slippery surfaces.


The new car is the twin sister of the 4th generation Toyota Harrier which the Japanese manufacturer presented in mid-April 2020. The new Toyota Venza Hybrid is expected to hit the American market this summer in the richest Limited version starting at $ 45,000. Pricing for the initial LE and XLE versions is not yet known.


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