Nikola Badger Electric Pickup 2021 Will Be Powered By Hydrogen Best Review


The American company Nikola Motor (aka Nikola Corporation) introduces the prototype of the Badger pickup truck (Badger), which combines BEV electric car technology and FCEV hydrogen car technology. The characteristics of this car are impressive: the power reserve is from 300 to 600 miles (483-966 km), its peak power reaches 919 hp. (rated 461 hp), torque at 1329 N • m wheels, acceleration up to 60 mph (96.5 km / h) lasts 2.9 seconds, crane capacity – more than 8000 pounds (3629 kg).

Nikola Badger Exterior

Nikola Badger Review Concept Releasedate
Nikola Badger Review Concept Releasedate

This newcomer is close to the size of the Chevrolet Silverado 1500: length, width, height – 5900 × 2160 × 1850 mm. The cabin is designed for five chairs. The cargo platform appears to be square: 1560 × 1560 mm. “Independent” Drive Wheel IWD (Independent Wheel Drive) is promised.

LED optics and lighting, thin camera mirrors, retractable door handles look like concept attributes without a serial perspective, but what’s not kidding. It says that when the pickup and trailer are fully loaded, the weight will be 18,000 pounds (8165 kg), but a loaded Badger can start at a 30% tilt without the risk of stopping.

According to the creators, Badger must “surpass all electric pickups on the market,” and at the same time all pickups with internal combustion engines in their class. The pre-production Badger premiere will be held in September at the Nikola World 2020 event.

Nikola Badger Performance

It is estimated that the first 300 miles of Badger drive like an ordinary electric car with a 160 kWh lithium-ion battery. Then the fuel cell installation (120 kW) began to be used, for that eight kilograms of hydrogen stored in it.

However, you can switch between BEV and FCEV modes at the touch of a button. Among other things, “Badger” will accept a 15-kilowatt socket for tools, lighting devices and compressors, which are able to work without a generator for 12 hours.

Nikola Badger Interior

Nikola Badger Review Interior
Nikola Badger Review Interior


Neat digital like projection display. At the bottom of the front stand the protected screen displays images from the side camera mirror. The central “TV” diagonal may reach 17 inches. Below this is a climate block, drawn very schematically. The console in the tunnel with armrests ready to swallow anything.

The fact that companies specializing in long-distance tractors took over the construction of pickups shouldn’t be embarrassing: “The Nicola truck program includes billions of technologies, so why not use it in pickups? – asked CEO Trevor Milton. “I have been working on pickups for years and I think the market is now ready to switch to electricity.” The authors of the GMC Hummer EV project, Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, Lordstown Endurance, Bollinger B2 might agree with Milton.

Nikola Badger Release Date

The partner in the creation of Badger is an unnamed OEM manufacturer, whose name will be revealed “in the near future.” Note that the CNH Industry company, which owns the Iveco brand, acquired a stake in Nikol for $ 250 million in early February. Strategic cooperation appears to be limited to electric tractors and transport trucks, where joint ventures are being made in Ulm (Germany), but FCEV technology is also available.


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