What’s In The Best Electric Sports Car Concept Nissan Esflow?

Nissan Esflow Electric

Even though it is a concept, the electric sports car Nissan Esflow aims to prove that a vehicle can be both environmentally friendly and fun to drive.

Looks, drives and drives like a sports car. Using technology tested on the well-known Nissan Leaf, this EV concept clearly demonstrates that driving in the future will be as enjoyable as it is today.

The Esflow is not a traditional ICE vehicle adapted to run on electric power, but a sports car based on the zero-emission electric vehicle concept. This means Nissan’s state-of-the-art design team is able to position the engine, transmission and battery to provide the best possible handling and handling for a comfortable ride.

The Esflow model is based on existing technology that has received innovative interpretations. The car has an unusual design that attracts attention. Under the body made of composite material is an aluminum chassis specially designed for this concept. The electric motor and transmission used are similar to the technology used in the Nissan Leaf, but all arrangements are made for the sports car.


The Esflow is a rear wheel drive vehicle with two electric motors. The proportions of the car allow the electric motor to be placed over the rear axle, within the wheelbase. These motors independently drive the left and right wheels, achieving excellent vehicle stability and control, as well as a high level of energy recovery. Thanks to the high torque generated by the electric motor, this electric vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 5 seconds.

The electric motor is powered by a layered lithium-ion battery similar to the one on the Nissan Leaf. However, on the Esflow, they are located along the front and rear axles. This battery arrangement allows for a symmetrical load distribution on the chassis and positions the center of gravity at the height of the driver’s hips. This optimal weight distribution allows the electric car to cover a distance of more than 240 km without needing to recharge.


Nissan Esflow Interior
Nissan Esflow Interior

Sustainable minimalism doesn’t mean giving up luxury. And, while the interior of the Esflow model gives the impression of free and open space where everything is subject to the desire to reduce weight, the passenger compartment is quite comfortable and stylish.

It is generally known that the heaviest seats in modern cars are those, which are made using a large metal frame, thick leather and a large amount of electric drive. On the Esflow sports car, the seats are integrated into the rear bulkhead structure, eliminating the need for a large frame.

Of course, this means the seats don’t move here, but every driver can find a comfortable fit and position behind the wheel thanks to the ability to adjust the steering wheel and pedals without mechanical joints.

The seats are covered in perforated gold leather and suede, while the doors are covered in leather and dark blue suede. The sparkling blue and gold combination is repeated on the dashboard trim. The panel is also equipped with silver carbon fiber inserts and four multifunctional LCD screens.


Nissan Esflow Concept
Nissan Esflow Concept

Esflow is definitely an interesting vehicle. The very clear lines not only prove his sporting potential, but also symbolize the purity of electricity. The color chosen for this concept car resembles a transparent block of ice, sparkling with a blue glow. Like the Nissan Leaf, the headlights and emblem are light blue. Blue carbon inserts are found on the six-spoke wheels, side moldings and lower rear bumper.

Blue LEDs frame the futuristic headlamps and taillights. On the Nissan Leaf, the headlights are outside the headlights to divert air from the rearview mirror. This is not necessary for the Esflow as the rearview mirrors have been replaced with mini rearview cameras that are embedded in the base of the A-pillar. However, the Esflow headlights also have their own secret: underneath is a hinged cover with a port for charging the battery, which is installed in the air duct. .

Body chassis

The electric motor and transmission are mounted on theĀ  chassis, taking full advantage of the vehicle layout capabilities. The constant weight of the battery and its position to give the Esflow the best weight distribution compared to traditional fuel tank vehicles.

The high waistline of the Esflow model, which is typical of classic sports car proportions, allows for the placement of a strong safety beam in the area behind the seat, built into the body frame behind the rear seat, which is able to withstand any load when toppled. This makes it possible to leave large and wide front supports, the use of which inevitably leads to the appearance of a “blind” area.


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